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Hi folks. My name is Thomas Jozwiak, and I'm the owner of TJ's Services, Inc. TJ's services the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti areas of Washtenaw county, Michigan.

TJ's started in 1995 as a venture between my longtime friend Joel Evans and myself. At the time Joel and I were both full time college students, and we started out part time as a way to make additional money for school. Things quickly grew for TJ's, through trial and error, and 3 years later we were both working full time with more than enough business to keep us going. We began as the small guy, and made our way in the market by focusing on the customer. And by being flexible and versatile enough to handle the needs of the residential homeowner, while also being able to tackle bigger jobs that require a larger class of equipment.

All these years later, TJ's is no longer the small guy, and no longer the new kid on the block. Joel has since moved on, but I continue on in charge and continue to try to make TJ's the best it can be. I constantly pursue new techniques, new technologies, and to add new services to the TJ's repertoire. The goal is to be able to service your lawn to the highest possible standards. I've tried to maintain the same versatility and flexibility that we always had, and the focus is still on the customer. Customer service is the difference maker in this business. A business where so many companies base their profit margins on getting into a site and getting out as fast as possible. In an atmosphere like that, TJ's focus is on making the customer happy. Which means taking the time to listen to you, and accommodating your needs, even if it takes a bit longer to complete the job.

2020 is TJ's 26th season. Twenty six years of serving Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. And more importantly, twenty six years of serving your neighborhood. Being in business for this long means that TJ's is familiar with your town, your neighborhood. I feel privileged to be able to work in such great communities for such great customers. You can be sure that I will strive to continue to improve TJ's, Services Inc, and work hard to stay here as part of the community for years to come. is pop-up, adware, tracking cookie, spam, and spyware FREE! Your browser is safe on our site!

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