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What is Aeration?

Over the time, your top layer of soil under your lawn slowly loses it nutrients, and may become tightly compacted. This compaction prevents replacement of the nutrients, proper absorption of water, and the ability of your grass to grow a proper root system. In addition, newer homes often have very little topsoil due to popular building practices. Often developers will scrape away the topsoil layer before they begin building houses. They then sell the soil to companies that bag it up and sell it back to you at your local nursery store. This leaves you with compacted clay, which is very poor soil for growing a lawn.

So what can be done? Core Aeration is a process in which plugs of earth are pulled from your lawn. This loosens up the soil under your grass, allowing nutrients and organic matter to penetrate deep into the ground. It also improves water absorption, and gives the roots of your lawn room to grow. The plugs of earth are left on top of your lawn, where they slowly break down and wash back into the soil. This process also helps to loosen up compacted clay under newer lawns, letting nutrients and organic matter penetrate the clay. Over time, the organic matter will improve the soil and help your lawn grow properly.

That is where we come in. TJs Services offers Core Aeration at a considerably lower price than the larger chemical lawn treatment companies in town. For a free estimate, or if you have any further questions, give us a call at (734) 913-9846. You can also drop us a line at our email address, service @ Click on the Contact Us link at the left for more information on free estimates.

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