August Announcements and News

  1. As always, my number one piece of advice I give out every summer is to water your lawn! All the (expensive) fertilizer and weed control in the world wonít matter if you turn your lawn into a dessert during July and August. Your lawn can survive the hot, dry periods, but only if you keep it watered. Most damage comes from the sun during the summer, and keeping the water flowing to the grass will help alleviate some of that damage. You donít have to swamp your yard, a good 30 min soak 2 or 3 times a week will do wonders for the lawn. Otherwise you are in for a lot of repairs and reseeding in the fall, costly repairs that may run from the $100s to $1000s.
  2. As a reminder, there is a minimum of 2 cuts per month mandatory during the dry summer months. If you donít get 2 full cuts in per month because of dry weather conditions, you will incur a minimum charge to bring you to those 2 cuts per month. This has been a TJ's policy for a decade now. For more info see the announcement from 2008 .
  3. As we march toward fall leaf season is on the horizon. Ann Arbor and Ypsi no longer do bulk leaf removal from the street, but TJís has a curbside leaf vacuum service that picks up where those cities left off. Itís much easier and faster than bagging or stuffing plastic bins. We can do the cleanup and removal for you, or just stop by to sweep up your leaves if you want to do the raking. Contact us for more info about the service.
  4. Also with the Fall comes services such as Aeration, Dethatching, and Seeding. With this hot, dry weather there is going to be a lot of dead grass and damaged lawns this fall. Aeration and dethatching are the two most effective services for renovating your lawn, and when you couple that with seeding, you have a great opportunity to repair your lawn at a low cost to you. I expect to be in high demand for renovation and repair work, so please let me know early if you'd like some help fixing the damage from this summer.
  5. I know itís really early, but itís not too soon to think snow clearing. We do residential snow clearing. Driveways, sidewalks, porches are all included in the service. We offer a more complete snow clearing service than most companies for our residential customers, and Iíve had a lot of great feedback over the years. We have limited availability and I like to have the routes set early and tend to book up by late September. Once my schedule is full I will not be able take on any more customers. Please contact me now if you are interested in snow clearing this winter.
  6. Football season is fast approaching. Because of the traffic and parking problems on game days around the stadium, we try to stay as far away from there as possible on those days. We will be making changes to the schedule so that once September gets here we are not in down town Ann Arbor on those days.
  7. As of now, I plan to not work Labor Day. If possible, most of that weekend as well. However if something changes, or if weather necessitates, we may have to work on the holiday. Please let me know in advance if you are having a special celebration or shindig that day that we should avoid.
  8. Please remember, statements are due on the 15th of the month. After the 20th late fees are assessed. This is and always has been TJís policy, and can be found in the terms of service or online at There has been an unusual amount of late accounts recently and the late charges will be enforced. Service for accounts not paid by the end of the month may be cancelled and referred for further action.
  9. Thanks!

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