August Announcements and News

  1. As we march toward fall leaf season is on the horizon. Ann Arbor and Ypsi no longer do bulk leaf removal from the street, but TJs has a curbside leaf vacuum service that picks up where those cities left off. It is much easier and faster than bagging or stuffing plastic bins. We can do the cleanup and removal for you, or just stop by to collect your leaves if you want to do the raking. Contact us for more info about the service.
  2. There will be some changes this fall to the leaf service. I have sent out emails to most of the leaf customers from last season. If you did not get that, or have questions, feel free to email or call. I am confident that the new processes will speed things up and make the cleanups go a lot easier and faster
  3. Also with the Fall comes services such as Aeration, and Seeding. With this hot, dry weather there is going to be a lot of dead grass and damaged lawns this fall. Aeration and dethatching are the two most effective services for renovating your lawn, and when you couple that with seeding, you have a great opportunity to repair your lawn at a low cost to you. I expect to be in high demand for renovation and repair work, so please let me know early if you'd like some help fixing the damage from this summer.
  4. I know it is really early, but it is not too soon to think snow clearing. We do residential snow clearing. Driveways, sidewalks, porches are all included in the service. We offer a more complete snow clearing service than most companies for our residential customers, and I have had a lot of great feedback over the years. We have limited availability and I like to have the routes set early and tend to book up by late September. Once my schedule is full I will not be able take on any more customers. Please contact me now if you are interested in snow clearing this winter.
  5. Our goal will be to take Labor Day off. Ideally we'll have at least that Sunday and Monday off. But you never know what Mother Nature will do the week before. If we are delayed because of rain, we may have to work those days. If you are planning anything, please let me know so we can work around it if we do have to work.
  6. Thanks!

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