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Credit Card Billing

TJ's Lawn Care now accepts credit card payments. Processing is done securely through Quick Books, the accounting software of choice for TJ's. Quick Books is a well established accounting software package, and an industry leader. All transactions are secure and private. This program is very smooth, I've tested it myself. Visa or MasterCard check cards are also eligible for use with these processes, so you can use your bank funds as well if not interested in charging to a credit card account. There are two programs for credit card billing.

One Time Billing

You can pay any statement at any time with your credit card through one time billing. Either return your statement with your credit card info included or call TJ's with the info. Your statement charges will be billed to the card for that one time only.

Monthly Billing

With monthly billing you place your card on file with TJ's, where it will be kept securely. You will be sent a statement on or before the 1st of the month for that month's charges. On the 5th of the month, after you've had time to look over the statement, your card will be automatically billed for those charges. Any date prior to the 15th of the month can also be chosen for the automatic billing date.

If you opt into email billing, you will also have the option of paying for those statement charges with your credit card by following the included link to a secure billing page managed by Quick Books.

All information provided to TJ's Lawn Care will be kept secure and private. TJ's NEVER shares any of your information with anyone.


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