January Announcemnts

  1. This is the first billing I have done for the snow season, and it includes all the snow clearing work we did in December, which was a busy month. If you paid a deposit, it shows up in the opening balance as a negative balance. The charges have been applied to the deposit as we have done the clearings. Some of you have used up the deposit and have balances due; some still have a credit from the deposit. An account credit shows as a negative balance on the statement. I will probably bill more often than monthly for the remainder of the winter as we have more snow clearings, just to keep balances from building up. Any questions, feel free to ask
  2. We have done several clearings now. If there are any issues with the clearing, if something isnt getting done, etc please let me know now. I can make adjustments to improve service if I know there is an issue. Also, if youre completely satisfied with the service, Id like to know that as well. Im always looking to improve and make sure everyone is happy.
  3. I send email updates, prior to each snow clearing. These updates explain our strategy for the clearing, when were going out, and when well be wrapped up clearing for the day. You can always call or email me during the clearing to find out how things are going. All emails get routed to my phone. You can also text the business phone number, just make sure you sign the text so I know who is texting. I cannot contact each customer during the clearing, but these options give you plenty of communication while we are out working. If you are not getting email updates and would like to receive them, please send me your email and I will include you going forward. I hear a lot of nice comments about how they like the email before the snow clearing and how helpful it is to know what we are doing for each storm. I promise not to share or spam your inbox if you sign up for the email.
  4. If you ever need priority clearing for a storm, please let me know as early as possible. I can adjust the routes to get to yours early and accommodate your request.
  5. Please remember to try to keep the drive and sidewalks clear from newspapers and other obstacles during the snow season. Newspapers, especially those pesky free newspapers that get dumped in your yard, are killers for snow blowers. Also, pleas keep door mats off of areas we clear with snow blowers. We've already run into several door mats so far this year, which have done damage to our equipment. Repeated issues will result in additional charges.
  6. Any questions or comments, feel free to call or email. Thank you for your continued patronage!

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