June Updates and News

  1. Once we finally got going after the Covid delays, the rains in the middle of May really delayed us. We missed about 6 days in a 10-day period, and that put us behind by a week. The lawns have not been growing too fast or too long, thankfully. But the rain did interrupt and threw us off our schedule. We are caught up now, I apologize for the delays the last few weeks and thank you for your patience.
  2. Over the next week or two we will be setting a regular schedule and getting people on to their regular days. A lot of lawns are just off our normal days we would like to be in the neighborhood, and we will be working those back to the days we normally cut in those areas. Which is better for you, since you will know our regular schedule, and better for us as we will be more efficient and able to move quicker through the schedule.
  3. The Covid shutdown, and the rain delays in May did not afford us much time to do a lot of spring work in April and May. I did not do any aerations this spring, but we will be offering that in the fall along with seeding services. There is still plenty of time for garden work, trimming, and mulching services. I particularly want to call attention to the mulching services; this is a service I am really trying to build up for TJs. If you are interested let me know ASAP so we can get you on the schedule.
  4. TJs can email your invoices and eliminate all the wasted paper and envelopes. The invoice comes as an attachment in a pdf file to your email. You can then pay securely online with a credit card, or ach payment, or mail a check through the regular mail. It saves a lot of time and effort and paper. If you have an email address and would like to sign up for email billing drop me a line at service@tjslawncare.com and we will get you on the email list.
  5. I have had a LOT of problems with the mail losing paper check payments. I am averaging 1 to 2 lost payments per month. Sometimes they show up weeks or months later, but mostly they just get lost in transit. I do not know why there is such an issue with the post office in Ypsi, but it is a recurring problem. Signing up for email billing/online payments is the best way to avoid that.
  6. I also have been doing email updates when there is a need to communicate with all the customers. I do not intend to use that regularly, but every so often if we are behind or something important comes up, I like to be able to get in contact with as many people as once. Signing up for the email billing will get you on that list and insure you are getting these occasional important announcements.
  7. I do not intend for us to work on July 4. Hopefully the weather cooperates with those intentions. If we are behind due to rain or weather, we may end up working that weekend. If you know you are going to have something special in the yard that day, let me know ahead of time so we can avoid or work around that.
  8. Thank you!

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