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Curbside Leaf Removal Service

No bagging, no bins. TJ's Leaf Removal Service will Pick Up where Ann Arbor left off. Instead of struggling through piles and piles of leaves, trying to force them into tiny little bags or bulky bins, TJ's Leaf Removal Service will pick your leaves up right off your front curb. You can bring your leaves out front like you have for years, then let us know when to come get them. We'll swoop in and pick them right up off the curb and make them disappear. TJ's picks up where Ann Arbor and Ypsi left off.

TJ's Lawn CareTJ's will remove your leaves using our powerful vacuum system. We'll vacuum the piles of leaves right off your front curb, depositing them into our trailer for removal. TJ's Leaf Removal Service keeps things as close as possible to the fall leaf routine you've had for years. It's all very simple and easy, and much less work than filling dozens and dozens of brown bags with leaves.

If you don't have time for the cleanup yourself, TJ's can take care of that too. Why waste your fall afternoons suffering through leaf raking and bagging, when we can take care of the whole process. We can clean the leaves up and make them disappear, and leave you with more free time for the things you actually want to do on the weekends!

If you paid someone to clean up and bag dozens and dozens of leaves, for hours and hours of work, you can expect to run up quite a bill, perhaps approaching the $200 to $300 range for all that work. TJ's Leaf Removal Service is not only quicker, but also much less expensive than paying a crew of guys for hours of leaf bagging. And there are discounts available for multiple neighbor removal stops.

TJ's Lawn CareGive us a call or drop us an email for more information about the Leaf Removal Service. The earlier the better, we expect quite a demand once the leaves start piling up. We will not be running a set schedule, but rather taking removals/cleanups as they come in. However, once we get into November and the leaves start piling up, scheduling will tighten up and there may be a waitlist. Call early and get on board before the leaves start to pile up! Call 734.913.9846 or send us an email at!

Summary of TJ's Leaf Cleanup and Removal Services:

Drop us an email, or give us a call today to schedule your Leaf Cleanup and/or Curbside Removal!

Don't delay! There is increased demand this year, due to another local provider ending their leaf services. We will book up quickly this fall! Call or email today!

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