May Updates and News

  1. With the early warm weather in the spring, all the rain we've had, and the good growing conditions, the season started earlier than normal this year and the grass has been growing like crazy ever since. That has slowed us down a bit, and the many days of rain we've had recently doesn't help much. But we're working through that as fast as possible and should get on a more regular schedule soon. We apologize for any inconvenience due to these delays.
  2. April is a short month, we usually work only 3 weeks in April. May is a 5 week month, which means 5 weeks of service and a larger than average invoice. Many customers tell me that they don't like those 5 week invoices. So I'm splitting April and May into two billing cycles, and taking the first 10 days from May for April's billing. So April's invoice will be through May 10, then the remainder of May will be billed at the end of the month. That way the invoice totals don't get too big, which makes things more manageable for the first couple of months. If there's any questions about this, please feel free to contact me.
  3. As a reminder, statements normally are sent out on the 1st of the month and then due by the 15th. After the 20th TJs begins to assess late charges.
  4. I can send email invoices to you now, to save on paper and time. The invoices come via pdf file attachments, and are completely secure. You can either pay safely with a credit card or bank transfer at the online secured page, or send a check through the mail. If interested, contact me asap. Id like to bill as many people as possible this way. Its faster, saves on paper and postage both ways. AND, the snail mail continues to get worse every year, it seems. Paying online with the email invoices is not required, I can provide a bundle of envelopes for mailing checks for the year. Please consider email invoices.
  5. TJ's does not intend to work Memorial Day, but that will depend on the weather conditions at the time. If you know youll be having a shindig that day, let us know in advance so I can work around it in case we do have to work that weekend.
  6. Thanks!

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