October Announcements and News

  1. Leaf season is coming quick. TJ's is currently booking for leaf cleanups and removals. We can clean up the yard as well as take the leaves away with our leaf vacuum system. No Saturday afternoons raking leaves and stuffing them into bins and bags. Let TJ's do it for you, and you can relax and enjoy the fall. There is limited availability. We will begin cleanups and removals the last week of October, and I intend to end the leaf cleanups by early December. That all depends on how long the snow and cold weather holds off though. Don't wait for the last minute, call today for more info.
  2. The regular mowing schedule will continue until November 9. I may extend the regular service depending on the weather. After the regular schedule ends, we will be available for mowing, but on an on-call basis. We will be cutting as well during the leaf cleanups, and trying to take care of any mowing on the days we are in your neighborhood for leaf cleanups. If you need a mowing after we have stopped regular service, give us a call and a day or so notice. The latest mowing date is the day before Thanksgiving, after that the mowers get put to bed for the winter.
  3. There's still time left for fall renovation work. Fall is a great time for repair: aeration, and seeding your lawn. But time is running out, so call today.
  4. If you haven't contacted us about snow clearing, and want an estimate, do so now! Don't wait until the snow flies to call, get on our schedule now. We have limited availability and once we are booked there is no more room. Call NOW!
  5. Thanks!

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