September Announcements

  1. With the UofM football season starting, I will be adjusting the mowing schedule. I don�t like to be downtown Ann Arbor during game day with the traffic, so I plan to cut Ypsi customers, and Ann Arbor customers that do not live around the stadium, on that day. The folks I have been doing on Sat in Ann Arbor will be shifted over to earlier in the week, and some Ypsi customers will be pushed over to Saturday. Sorry for any inconveniences, but football traffic is crazy and I don�t like to be caught up in it.
  2. We will not be working on Labor Day.
  3. The fall is the perfect time for repairing your lawn and to give it a head start before next spring. We offer dethatching, aeration and seeding renovation services for your lawn. Seeding in the fall can help to thicken up your lawn. As the weeds die off in the cooler weather, the grass is busy spreading through root growth. Aerating helps to promote that root growth, and seeding will help the grass to crowd out the weeds that have gone dormant. The grass continues to grow and develop root systems in the fall long after the plant portion stops growing. Taking advantage of these lawn renovation services we offer in the fall can help promote that growth and lead to a much thicker, healthier lawn in the spring. I anticipate being very busy this fall, give me an early call to get on the schedule if you are interested.
  4. The dry, sunny, hot weather has really done a number on a LOT of lawns. Many people did not water, despite my warnings. There is a lot of dead grass and burned spots. The weather has turned cooler and the time is right for fixing those areas. The best tools are the aeration, dethatching, and seeding services I referenced above. I suspect we will have an early fall and the window of opportunity to fix these issues will be SHORT. If you are interested in these services, let me know ASAP!
  5. TJ�s will again be offering our leaf vacuum service to remove leaves from the curbside this fall for Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. Bring the leaves to the curb, and we will remove the leaves from curbside with our vacuum system. Or if you'd like us to do the cleanup as well, we'll collect them all at the curb and make them disappear. TJ's leaf service is far easier than raking and bagging leaves, or trying to stuff them weekly into giant bins. As we saw last year, the weather in the fall can bring unexpected snow and cold, which can limit our availability on the leaf cleanups and removals. I expect the demand is going to be very high so let me know early if you�ll need this service.
  6. Snow clearing renewals are also currently in full swing. If you are interested in TJ�s snow clearing service, please contact me for an estimate. We do all clearing with shovels and snow blowers, and concentrate mainly on residential clearing. We will have very limited availability this winter, if you are interested let me know now!.
  7. The regular mowing service will continue through the fall. Our last week of regular mowing will be October 29, 2017. After that we are available for on-call cuts as long as weather permits.
  8. As a reminder, payments are due by the 15th of the month and late fees go on after the 20th. Also, I can do email billing and save a lot of paper and postage. You can either pay the email statements online or send me a written check. If you�re interested send me your email and we�ll get you started with that service, or contact me for more info.
  9. Thanks!

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