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September, 2008

From the start, TJís has always had a policy that if your lawn does not need to be cut because of dry weather, we will not cut it, weíll skip your lawn. And weíve stuck by that since day one. In recent years, though, the trend has gone from a few skipped weekly cuts in a season to months of skipped cuts in a season. And not just a few customers, but weíre talking almost a third of our customer base.

Yet, we have many customers that havenít missed a beat on all summer long, whose lawns havenít stopped growing, and need weekly cuts. These customers obviously water their lawns, which keeps them healthy even through dry times. And which demonstrates that dry, warm weather does not necessarily mean dead, dried out lawns.

TJís runs a weekly lawn mowing service. We have a limited capacity that we fill with regular weekly customers that we schedule on a regular, recurring basis. Our revenues are almost entirely based on that regular schedule; we depend on that regular weekly schedule for income. We canít run a regular, recurring, weekly lawn care business without weekly lawn care customers. When nearly a third of our customer base basically shuts down for months at a time during the season, it destroys our ability to operate as a weekly lawn service. Not just during that dry period, but during the entire season.

Furthermore, I canít help but think that during the growing season, our customers would never allow us to skip them for an entire month, or longer, and expect that we would remain in their employment. That has to go both ways.

Beginning with the month of September 2008, there will be a minimum charge of 2 cuts per month required for each customer. If your lawn burns out and doesnít require cutting during a dry period, or if you donít get 2 full cuts in per month because of dry weather conditions, you will be charged a minimum of 2 cuts. This will be applicable from May through October during the season.

TJís understands that there are going to be dry times, especially during the summer months. Thatís why our skipping policy is in place. As a customer, you expect a commitment from us to service your lawn so you donít have to. Similarly, in order to remain on our schedule, we have to expect a commitment from you that we will be employed, if only at a minimal level. I consider this a fair solution to the situation. Especially when considering the policies of other lawn services in the area that either require weekly charges whether or not service is rendered, or that cut the lawn whether or not itís burned out and charge for a full cut.

We would much rather work for the minimum charges. At the same time we want to do what's best for your lawn. We hope you will work with us to find a fair balance for both sides.

If there are any questions, feel free to contact us either by phone or email.

Thank you.

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