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Email Billing

TJs offers email billing as an alternative to snail mailed paper statements. Instead of receiving a paper invoice in the mail, your invoice is sent to your email, attached as a PDF document file. This file can be read with the free Adobe Reader program. This invoice is the same as the paper version. After looking over the invoice, you can make payment with a credit card or debit/check card, or bank ACH transfer, online using the highly secure website. A link is provided at the bottom of the email. Processing is done securely through Quick Books, the accounting software of choice for TJs. Quick Books is a well established accounting software package, and an industry leader. All transactions are secure and private. This program is very smooth, I've tested it myself, and the email link is very easy to use. You can also make payment by mailing a check like you would with a paper statement. TJs will provide you with return payment envelopes if necessary.

Email billing is simple to use, and TJs encourages all of our customers to take advantage of this program. It saves time, you get your invoices faster, and can pay them with a couple clicks of the mouse. It also saves on paper. Generating paper invoices creates an incredible amount of wasted paper every month. Email billing cuts down on this significantly. And of course, email billing saves on stamps and trips to the post office on both ends.

If you are interested, drop us note with your preferred billing email address and we'll sign you up. TJs does not share any of our customers information, period. Your info is safe with us. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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