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Snow Clearing Reminders/Guidelines

  • The service starts at a snowfall of at least 1 inch. Additional charges kick in after 5 inches or more. We use the National Weather Service snow totals for each snow storm for billing.
  • TJ's will begin snow clearing AFTER the snowfall has stopped, at the end of the storm. However, during especially heavy snowfall, or long storms, we may elect to come out early (or multiple times) to tackle the heavy load. Or to clear for the drive to/from work or school.
  • Please try to have your driveway and sidewalks as clear as possible of vehicles to facilitate the clearing. Also, try to keep your walks/porches clear of obstructions, particularly electrical cords, doormats, and newspapers. Although we will clear around cars and obstacles, we are not responsible for snow that cannot be cleared because of said obstacles. We do not clear snow off cars.
  • Driving, walking, or any other compaction of snow on sidewalks and driveways will prevent a complete clearing of snow.
  • During especially heavy snowstorms, please allow extra time for the snow clearing.
  • If you do not want TJ's to clear during a particular snowfall, let us know as early as possible. If your neighbor decides to be a good neighbor and clear your snow, please try to call. However, repeated removal before TJ's has a chance to clear may result in clearing charges anyway. You've already paid TJ's for the work, we would like to have the opportunity to work off that money.
  • Additionally, IF you need clearing by a certain time for any reason, please call and let me know as early as possible, and I'll do what I can to accommodate those needs.
  • Any clearing that is done before TJ's arrives absolves us of any liability for damages during that snowfall clearing. TJ's had a "helpful neighbor" in a past season who did a sidewalk clearing before we got to the property, threw snow all over the house, and broke a window. TJ's will not be responsible for that kind of damage. Helpful neighbors are great, but TJ's would prefer to avoid such issues. If you do have a helpful neighbor, you might want to mention to them that you have a snow clearing service and you do not need help.
  • TJ's will not pro-rate charges for any clearings that have already been partially done prior to our arrival.
  • TJ�s sends out email updates prior to each clearing indicating whether we are going to clear, when we plan to go out, etc. If you have an email and aren�t getting these updates, send me your info so you can get on the list. And make sure you have TJ�s email in your contacts list so that the updates don�t get filtered out. If you don�t want to get the updates and are getting them, let me know. Please don�t list these updates as spam, that causes major problems.
  • You can also email or text us to get updates. All emails are forwarded to the company phone and it�s often easier to reply to an email or text than calling. The business line is a cell phone and you can text that number directly. Please sign the text though in case I don�t have your phone # stored.
  • It is greatly appreciated when outdoor lights are left on when we have to do nighttime clearing.
  • Please be aware that driving or walking over the snow before we clear will compact the snow, and most likely we will not be able to get those tracks completely removed (the salt helps to melt these tracks).
  • TJ's will endeavor to complete all snow clearing as quickly as possible, which means we might be out to do the clearing in the early morning hours. IF you would prefer TJ's to not come during early/late hours, please let us know. We have gone back to working throughout the night, including late and early morning hours. If this is a problem for you, let us know and we'll accommodate your needs.
  • Often TJ's beats the city snowplows to the punch, especially on the side streets. When they do come through after us, they plow in your driveway. TJ's does offer callbacks for any additional clearing due to snowplows, throwback, drifting, etc. If you need a secondary clearing after the initial clearing, please call us back ASAP. After a clearing we've been up for quite a while and will take a few hours off to recuperate. We will monitor the messages and endeavor to return as quickly as possible. It is important to note that if that throwback from the plows isn't removed, it will probably turn into a big chunk of compacted snow and ice at the end of your driveway and/or sidewalks, and TJ's WILL NOT be able to remove it during later snow clearings. There have been several drives that accumulated a nice big ice hump at the road that we can't clear away. Please, consider calling us back if you do get throwback from the city plows, it is a lot easier to clear while the snow is soft and not compacted. Return trips that don't require an entire clearing will be pro-rated, you won't be charged for a complete clearing.

TJ's cannot emphasize enough the need to have the walks/drives clear of obstructions. Particularly newspapers. In the past, we have had damage to the snow blowers due to newspapers and other obstacles under the snow. Newspapers clog the machines, shut us down, and delay clearings. Electrical cords with a live charge are dangerous and we won't be happy if we get shocked (or killed) trying to unwind a cord from the augers. Doormats or carpet pieces near steps or doors/entryways are also very problematic. We can't see these things under the snow often, so it's up to you to help us out. Please make sure you keep all obstacles clear before a snow clearing. If serious damage to TJ�s equipment does occur due to a hidden obstruction on your property, we will pass the damage charges on to you.

You can call and shut off the delivery of the free weekly newspapers. I have done this myself; simply ask to have the delivery stopped. And while you�ve got them on the phone, feel free to tell them why you are cancelling. The phone number for Ann Arbor News/MLive to manage newspaper delivery is 734-926-4555.

Please, if you need anything during a clearing, or want to know where we are, what the progress is, just CALL the voicemail, text, or email. Communication is the key to avoiding misunderstandings, and we make every effort to keep in touch with you throughout the process. The phone number is 734.913.9846. The email address is

Thank you for your patronage. Your attention to these items is greatly appreciated!

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